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Creating a New Theme

Published on: 28 September 2014
Introduction This tutorial will show you how to create a simple theme in Hugo. I’ll introduce Hugo’s use of templates, and explain how to organize them into a theme. The theme will grow, minimizing effort while meeting evolving needs. To promote this focus, and to keep everything simple, I’ll omit CSS styling. We’ll start by creating a tiny, blog-like web site. We’ll implement this blog with just one — quite basic — template. ... Read More

(Hu)go Template Primer

Published on: 2 April 2014
Hugo uses the excellent Go html/template library for its template engine. It is an extremely lightweight engine that provides a very small amount of logic. In our experience it is just the right amount of logic to be able to create a good static website. If you have used other template systems from different languages or frameworks, you will find a lot of similarities in Go templates. This document is a brief primer on using Go templates. ... Read More